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Austin Hybrid Battery has been serving all Central Texans with their hybrid vehicle needs since 2008. We're committed to getting these vehicles back on the safely, efficiently and effectively. Our objective is to ensure your complete satisfaction with our service. Please don't just listen to us, "Google Us" to see what the community has said about our service. You'll quickly find out, we're committed to our mission.

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How long is your warranty?

We offer a 2 year unlimited mileage transferrable warranty. The transferability with our warranty ensures that when you gift, give or sell your vehicle, the warranty automatically transfers to its' new owner giving them peace of mind while retaining the best value for your vehicle. Please call our office directly, if you have any questions or need any additional assistance at Austin Hybrid Battery (800) 213-0954.

How do I know if I need a hybrid battery replacement?

We recommend that our clients obtain diagnostic trouble codes prior to anyone servicing their vehicle. We want to ensure that our clients know exactly what's going on with their vehicle themselves, rather then, someone telling them. When you have a POA80 diagnostic trouble code within your systems software, we can confirm a hybrid battery needs to be replaced. You can obtain your diagnostic trouble codes with a complimentary scan at your local auto parts store such as an O'Reilly's Auto Parts, Advanced Auto Parts and or AutoZone Auto Parts. You can also purchase a personal scanner online through Amazon for future troubleshooting. We recommend the basic Innova Scanner, as it will suffice in obtaining diagnostic trouble codes. Once you have those codes, you're welcome to call Toyota, certainly call us or even reference them online to see what others have said about your issue. Once, you do know, reach out to us to schedule a diagnostic appointment at Austin Hybrid Battery – (800) 213-0954

Do you perform other services for hybrid vehicles?

Yes, we've specialized in all hybrid vehicles since 2008, here in Central Texas. Our clients consider us the dealership alternative.

How long does it take to replace my hybrid battery?

When we schedule our technicians to come to you, we block a 2 hour window to complete your service. It takes roughly 15-20 minutes to diagnose your vehicle and 60-90 minutes to remove and replace your hybrid battery. Please plan accordingly. Please call us to schedule an appointment at Austin Hybrid Battery (800) 213-0954.

How long do our hybrid battery last?

Based upon our data records, clients typically indicate our batteries lasting from 5-7 years. Please understand that there are many variables that affect that timeframe such as general maintenance, service history, previous repairs, ongoing issues, driving styles and even temperature variances. We even note regional differences from cars coming in from other areas of the nation that ultimately affects that timeframe.

Are your Technicians certified?

Absolutely, yes! We wouldn't recommend anything less for your service. All our technicians are not just hybrid specialists, but also ASE certified within the nation. As you can imagine, there are many nuances with your vehicle and the hybrid battery drivetrain is just a component to the whole vehicle. Again, we want to ensure we have a complete solution for you before we service your vehicle. We love to stand by our products and services!

Schedule Diagnostics and Possible Hybrid Battery Replacement

Please contact our office directly Monday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm to speak to us about your issue. You can also fill out our "Contact Us" form to provide us with your information. Lastly, you can open our "Schedule Me" link and follow the prompts to place your vehicle within our production schedule. Either way, we are happy to help! Really, it's our mission. Call us at Austin Hybrid Battery (800) 213-0954.

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